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Herbal Remedies of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plants usually must be at least 4 years old before they will have any medicianl properties. Aloe is currently thought to be the only natural soruce of vitamin B12. This vitamin is excellent. Diabetics are prone¬† to wounds, and aloe vera is a powerful medical tool when treating their slow-healing injuries. Aloe vera […]

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Ingredients Within the Aloe Vera

Scientists have identified nearly 100 active ingredients within the Aloe Vera plant of which 75 have been found to be active healing conpounds. It is the synergy of the chemical elements that makes the plant such as an effective healer. This explains the significant benefits of juice extracted from aloe gel.¬† Aloe Gel provides all […]

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Aloe Vera is a Silent Healer

Known to herbalists for centuries as the “medical plant” or “the potted physician”, the cactus-like plant with green dagger-shaped leaves filled with a clear, viscous gel was brought from Africa to North America in the sixteenth century. But long before this, aloe, whose name means “shining bitter substance”, was widely regarded as a master healing […]

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